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Welcome To Cliff’s World

10422405_852121218166774_2905263850891383284_nHello, my name is Cliff, and this is my blog about the world around me.  I am a married student attending Arkansas Tech University, located in Russellville, Arkansas, while working part time.  I am currently majoring in journalism, with a minor in sociology.  I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, where I worked on fighter jets.  I take pride in my African-American heritage and have created a non-profit organization called United Black Consciousness, to help address and resolve social issues in the Russellville area.

That being said, there are some articles written about my experiences with racism and discrimination, and those experiences are based on my life while growing up in the south.  Regardless of how anyone sees me, it is my hope that people view me as someone who is merely trying to improve myself and my community.  I have many more articles about the more fun stuff in life like movies, music, comics, and cars.

56206_451697674875799_1684899755_oAlthough I have lived in Arkansas most of my life, I have lived in Virginia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia.  I have also traveled to many other places like Las Vegas, Nevada; Maryland; Washington D.C.; California; Alaska; and St. Louis/Ferguson, Missouri.

Within my blog you will find some humor, inspiration, truth, and possibly disagreement, but no matter what you find, remember that it’s from my sincere perspective.  Regardless of how they might make you feel, know that they are written with truth and the hope of connecting with someone.

More than anything I hope that people will take pleasure in reading what I have to say, be able to relate to some of it, and gain something positive from reading my material.


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