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Why People Hate Confederate Flags

Its no surprise that based on my previous blogs, that this topic would eventually happen.  Arkansas in particular has taken the charge in trying to be claim the title as the most ignorant and racist state in America, by hosting several confederate flag rallies.  These rallies in themselves are about as foolish as they come, claiming that they are doing it to preserve their heritage, in fear that they wont have any heritage if the flag is removed from all government and public property.  I think it needs to be addressed that if your entire heritage is represented by this flag, or that your entire heritage will simply disappear into thin air because this flag is removed from all public and government properties, that you are in dire need of a mental handicap sticker.  This whole confederate flag rally idea only began after a white supremacist killed nine black people, while they were in a church service in South Carolina. So the real motive appears to be that the rallies are in support of the killing of innocent black people. That was the whole reason the flag was removed from the South Carolina capital to begin with.

So let us now take a look at the holes in the racist reasoning behind these confederate rallies by exposing their lies.

  • These rallies are about southern heritage – I always enjoy how none of them finish this sentence every single time they quote it, like a character out of Idiocracy talking about Brawndo.  They never finish this sentence because it will expose them for what they truly are.  Their “southern heritage” is of owning/enforcing slave ownership and jim crow laws.  Their “southern heritage” is having ancestors who committed treason against our country, making them traitors and unworthy of any government handouts and help.  Their “southern heritage” is full of abuse, torture, kidnapping, murdering, lynch mobbing, arson, shooting, raping and cruel treatment towards innocent blacks in America.  Their “southern heritage” is built upon white privilege, white supremacy, and oppression of minorities.
  • Its to honor the veterans of the confederate army – As previously stated, the confederate army committed treason against America for the sake of oppressing and retaining in regards to black people, whereby they are unfit for veteran status.   Any army or person who commits treason against their country is unworthy to be deemed an honorable veteran, because you separated yourself from that country when you committed your treason.  This army did not fight for anything noble or good, their reason for going to war is because they wanted to keep the right to enslave black people.  Confederate fanatics often claim that the Civil War was mostly about “state’s rights”, again this is another quote that these uneducated and misinformed fanatics fail to finish or explain correctly.  The “state’s rights” they fought to keep was slavery enforced by each state, and the ability to expand that slavery to other states or travel with their slaves to non slave states.
  • Its not about race – This has been one of the most used reasons for defending the use of the confederate flags in general.  So many times white people who wear it, fly it from their yard or vehicle, of fly it from their yard claim that is totally unrelated to any form of racism.  However, Jefferson Davis himself along with each governor of every state that suceded to the confederacy, specifically stated that their reasons for joining the confederacy was for the support of slavery and the oppression of blacks in America.  For specific quotes and evidence visit Confederate leaders quotes about succession to the Confederacy.  Like the Charleston, South Carolina shooting, each time there has been a event brought to light around blacks as victims or heroes, there was always groups of white people waving the confederate flag in opposition, as if we need to be reminded that we are hated by them.  So when people who organize these confederate flag rallies, or defend the rallies or the use of confederate flags as clothes or vehicle accessories, just know that this statement is far from true, it is quite the opposite.


In conclusion, every excuse and reason to display this flag and hold rallies dedicated to this flag, are either completely uneducated or misinformed on the history of the flag’s purpose and the origins of the civil war itself.  All of these reasons have been shown to be incorrect and based on white supremacy and racism at its core.  This flag belongs in a museum along side the Nazi flag, filed under h for hate.  For those claiming southern pride and heritage, this flag is not it.  There are so many more positive examples of southern pride and heritage that are purposely overlooked.  There are people like Anne Braden, Ella Baker, Tim Wise, and James Reeb.  There are other representations of southern heritage like founding your European ancestry, and finding out what positive contributions they made in America or the American colonies.  Southern heritage shouldn’t revolve around hatred and racism, it should revolve around a something commonplace in the south that has a positive affect.

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