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What is United Black Consciousness?

United Black Consciousness (UBC) is a multi-racial, social justice organization created in Russellville, Arkansas, on September UBC15, 2016.  It was founded by Cliff A. May, Trevor M., and Quinn F., as a means to improve the quality of life for African-Americans, and other minorities who may need assistance as well.  The organization was created as an example to inform, empower, and inspire members of the African-American community of Pope county to be more involved in electing officials, resolving issues of racism and discrimination, creating more fair hiring and termination practices, providing higher education resources, decreasing rates of illiteracy, and other needs made known to UBC.  United Black Consciousness exists to help Pope County to become more inclusive and to better embrace diversity in all aspects of its society.

Although the organization was founded in the fall of 2016, it didn’t begin to hold regular meetings and begin recruiting members until January of 2017.  Initially the group started with three members, and by May of 2017, the group membership rose to 15 members, some students, and some were local residents.

Since it has become active, UBC has participated in an anti-diamond pipeline protest at the Russellville courthouse, protested the unethical banning of Issue 7 from the Arkansas ballot, assisted in the fight to retain the Department of Diversity and Inclusion at Arkansas Tech University, held a Black Lives Matter rally downtown Russellville, and canvassed around Russellville to invite local African-American residents to hear Sheyann Webb-Christburg speak at Arkansas Tech University.

The goal of UBC is make Russellville, and eventually Pope county an inclusive society, that welcomes all types of minorities into all aspects of its society, as peacefully and respectfully as possible.  We hope to encourage a higher percentage of African-Americans to register to vote, become more active in voting for all local officials, and persuade the city to commit to provide more development in African-American communities.  We also want to provide workshops and training on racism, black pride, financial literacy, black business ownership, supporting black businesses, higher education resources, home ownership, and improving employment.

United Black Consciousness is an organization that is against oppression, domestic violence, racial profiling, police brutality, sexism, redlining, xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism, bigotry, bullying, environmental pollution, money in politics, religion in politics, denying same-sex marriage, confederate flags, and Pope county remaining a dry county.

United Black Consciousness supports the work of the McElroy House, Black Lives Matters, the Little Rock Collective Liberation, Dream Defenders, Justice League NYC, the Black Panthers, women’s rights, civil rights, affirmative action, livable wages, housing for the homeless, organizations that work to preserve nature and ecosystems, organizations working to end climate change and pollution, and any progressive or liberal organization that is willing to support racial equality.

United Black Consciousness is currently looking for positive, African-American or other residents living in Pope county, Arkansas, to join our organization, that are willing to do community service and help local African-Americans.  Members need to be between the ages of 18 and 60. We are not restricting anyone from joining based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality. Right now, there are several positions the organization is looking to appoint.  For social media, UBC is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+.

For more information or membership inquiries about United Black Consciousness, email Cliff at: or send a message via the inbox on the United Black Consciousness Facebook page.

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